About the game

Lost & Found is an interactive game played on the 3DHive.mobi app (Windows, Android & iPhone) as part of the service learning school curriculum. It follows Scout, a boy sent to set up power generators for a new integrated community. In the game, Scout meets Eloise, an elderly lady from the Exiled community. She assists him with challenges he faces, showing how wisdom and friendship between youth and the elderly benefit us all.

The game is centred around decisions the Player makes as he/she interacts with Eloise as Scout and has been designed to help students better understand the needs and challenges of the elderly in society. It also acts as a guide to render help to the elderly in meaningful ways. The game is best played before a visit to homes with elderly beneficiaries.

How do we get this in our school?

You can request for the 3DHive.mobi app to be installed in your school via SSOE as it is already in the approved software list.

How do I play the game?

  1. Once you have installed it, please click the 3DHive.mobi app.
  2. Please log in with your user credentials (e-mail and password) given by your school
  3. Click on SNM Chapter1 (It will say: Game requires download). To download the game, click the Download button at the bottom right corner.
  4. When done, the words "Game is ready to play" will appear. Click Start at the bottom right corner.
  5. The description for the first chapter will appear, click Play Now.
  6. Welcome to the game world! To navigate, use your thumbs to move the characters forward, left, back or right.
  7. Tap on conversations to continue.


Watch the full trailer to learn more!


This game was built on the 3DHive.mobi app by Playware Studios.
Contact Info
  • +65 64120728
  • 102F Pasir Panjang Road, #08-01, Singapore 118530
  • mike@playwarestudios.com